About living logos


Living Logos is the heart-work of Bro Dale Starks and Sis Josephine Starks. As Ministers with the United Pentecostal Church International, Bro Dale Starks and Sis Josephine Starks were Home Missionaries in Louisiana, starting new Churches in Minnesota, and Virginia. They became Foreign Missionaries to Germany, Singapore and Malaysia spending many years overseas. Though Bro and Sis Starks are no longer with us, their legacy continues to live on through these devotionals.

The Starks meant for these self-study materials to help new converts (and matured saints alike) get a hold of an understanding of God’s written Word. Since Sis Starks' passing in 2013, the couple has graciously entrusted Tabernacle of Joy with its copyright. Originally in hardcopy printed handouts from a small church office, the books have now been redesigned and repackaged. Over the years,  hardcopies have found their way onto the shelves of bookstores and today, Living Logos is also available digitally to everyone and anyone who will like to feast on the Word of God daily.

This systematic study allows self-learning and develops a lifestyle of consistent spiritual discipline for the believer. It can be used as a devotional, small group discussion or discipleship tool. The material is designed to bring insight into the stories and bible principles that are easy to understand and relatable to our time today.

Each Living Logos lesson is four to five pages in length, consisting of both a reading and question section, designed to guide the learner to internalize the truth that they have read. The books cover topics from Bible Introduction to the first 5 books of the Old Testament, Church History and Spiritual Growth for the growing Christian.